Q. How do you go about creating designs?

A. Design always starts with an on-site consultation.  The initial consultation is free except where substantial travel is required.  We establish and confirm your goals and inspirations.  All our designs are hand drawn and may go through a number of revisions to ensure they meet your requirements.  

The cost depends upon size & complexity of design. It is helpful if you have a  scaled site plan of your house on the block. Also I love it when new clients have photos of garden ideas that they like, or lists of plants that they would like to include. We meet again once we have prepared the design.  Its important that we review the design together to ensure that it meets your requirements. 

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Q.  How much will implementing the design cost?

A.  When you have approved the design, we will prepare a detailed quotation on the construction.  If it would help we can break the project into stages and identify work that you can self perform.  We are happy to provide our schedule of rates.  Our careful selection of plants and materials help to ensure a successful start for your new garden.

The commencement of the works depends on the season, conditions and our current work volume.  We will advise you of an anticipated commencement date and likely duration.  As we work outdoors, project duration will be impacted by climate and other factors.  We will keep you informed throughout the construction period. 

We will prepare and agree a payment schedule with you.  We will request a deposit of between 15% & 25% depending on the size and nature of the project.  


Q.  Can we have the design drawn & implement it ourselves?

A.  Yes, absolutely.  We are happy to do as little or as much as you require. 


Q.  Do you do all the work yourself?

A.  We like to maintain control over the whole job, so we perform almost all the work required.  In special circumstances, we may need to get special trades involved but we will project manage their work.  We have 2 trucks ( the largest is  5 ton, the other is 2 ton); an excavator; a bobcat & a tractor driven rotary hoe plus all necessary paving & construction tools.


Q What other services do you provide?

A.  Apart from landscape design & construction, we can do all horticultural services. These include garden renovations & maintenance; pruning & hedging; installing irrigation systems; fencing; water features & synthetic turf.